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Tregay, Susan WebbMASTER DISASTER Five Ways to Rescue Desperate Watercolors
This book is:

* New
* Hard covered
* 128 pages

Stuck? Afraid of finishing a painting for fear of \"ruining\" it? Longing to push your work to the next level?

This book will show you how five simple steps can transform your mediocre and unfinished paintings into magnificent works of art that will do you proud!

Step 1: Lighten up! Remove mud, lost highlights, poorly drawn areas ... whatever you hate about your painting. Stencils will aid you in executing clean, precise corrections.

Step 2: Break up boring spaces, intrigue your viewer by varying and repeating elements, so that even backgrounds play a dynamic role in the overall \"entertainment value\" of your piece.

Step 3: Strengthen your values. Don\'t succumb to watercolour\'s pale reputation...add real darks, enrich your colours, strengthen your shadows, and take advantage of the full range of values available to you.

Step 4: Unify. Organizing your values and colours can pull a pain ting together at any stage of the game. Discover 17 proven design strategies plus powerful colour schemes that will add unity and emotional appeal.

Step 5: Surprise yourself and your viewers. Take a painting from ordinary to engaging by working in content, even in the final stages.

Complete with expert advice on evaluating your finished painting and inside information on what judges look for in competition-quality art, Master Disaster is your complete watercolour repair manual. Use it to replace frustration with the most satisfying painting of your career!
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