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This book is -

    * 128 pages
    * Softcover
    * Published 2006

Create your own Mythical Cities, Planets and Lost Worlds

Choose a medium - Learn about the characteristics of different media and find the perfect fit for your fantasy style.

Understand the elements that make up a landscape --- Learn how to draw what you see and then make it fantastic.

Get acquainted with fantasy art fundamentals --- Discover how to create dynamic compositions, choose colour schemes and achieve depth and mood in your artwork.

Learn from professional artists --- Follow the step-by-step techniques used to make great art, and see how today's artists bend, push and break the rules.

Rob Alexander is an illustrator and conceptional artist working in the publishing, magazine, computer gaming and collectable card game markets. He paints fine art, fantasy science fiction , children's illustrations and contemporary landscapes and has received numerous awards including a prestigious Chesley Award from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.
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