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This book is softcover, published 2007, has 160 pages

This remarkable guide is a complete class that will teach you the basics and provide projects that will build new skills. It\'s a comprehensive, fully illustrated course created by a group of talented artists for the beginners to use at home and at any pace.

Take a close and detailed look at the necessary materials. What are the differences between pigments, colors, and paint? How3 does the texture and finish of the paper affect your work? What qualities should you look for in a good brush? How should you use a palette as a working tool? Reading this section will answer all your questions and provide a firm foundation for mastering the techniques that follow

Learn how to control the amount of water you use, the effect of applying pressure on the brush, and how to paint on wet p[aper. Experiment with color, from applying simple washes to using neutral tones to create chromatic harmony. Then draw preliminary charcoal sketches, revealing the outlines of your forms.

Now try your hand at the varied exercises, including a quaint village corner, a beautiful winter landscape, a charming portrait of a child, a pretty bouquet of lilies, and a lovely still life with food. You\'ll realize how far you\'ve come in only a few short lessons!
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