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This book is -

* New
* First Published in 2006
* 128 pages
* Soft Covered

Discover how to draw and paint the amazing dynamic array of characters, creatures and landscapes that make up fantasy worlds with this absorbing and practical guide.

Best selling author and renowned artist Finlay Cowan is a talented graphic designer and commercial artist. In this book he demonstrate how t o draw and paint every possible subject in this exciting genre with both traditional and digital media.

He offers additional instruction on rendering realistic details such as expression, movement, skin and hair, clothes, armour and jewellery, along with clear guidance on finding sources and transforming concepts into final works.

Mr Cowan also explores all subjects through practical instruction working sketches and step-by-step illustrations; also includes four feature sections by masters of key media and discipline.

There is a stunning gallery of finished illustrations by top fantasy artists to amaze and inspire.

The list of contents is -

* Introduction - How to use this book
* Basics - The workspace, Materials, Research and inspiration
* Figure Drawing - Basic anatomy, faces, expressions and features, action, hands
* Character - Male and female archetypes, developing character, clothes, armour, hair, jewellery and accessories
* Creatures - Manbeasts, female creatures, shadow creatures, birds, quadrupeds, dragons, behemoths, aliens and other species
* Hardware - Weapons, machines, vehicles, futuristic concepts
* Fantasy Worlds - One and two point perspective, three point perspective, classic architectural types, cities, buildings, maps and geography, cultural and economic influences, trees and plants, media and outlets, survival
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