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Jeynes, Edited by AmyPAINT
This book has 224 pages, softcover, published 2007.

paint is the multi-medium book with all the essential information you need to achieve effects, express your creativity or try something new:

* Materials: Choose the paints, surfaces and tools that will yield the look you want.
* Colour and Value: Learn how different pigments behave and how to orchestrate colour and value for powerful paintings;
* Composition: Set up a still life, try a \"composition chip\" trick for dramatic landscapes, and learn the design principles that will make your paintings stronger;
* Techniques: Experiment with 60+ illustrated techniques, and start achieving light-filled watercolour glazes, expressive oil and acrylic brushstrokes, rich coloured-pencil layers and lusciously smooth pastel passages.
* 15 Painting Demonstrations: See the mediums in action in detailed step-by-step demonstrations, and learn to paint a variety of popular still life and landscape subjects.

Packed with instruction and tips from top artists, PAINT is both a complete primer for beginners and a must-have reference for intermediate artists looking to challenge themselves with new mediums. Why wait? PAINT!

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