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 Rectangular trays - Large tray47 x 30cm base x 9.5cm deep$17.50 
 Rectangular trays - Heart tray39 x 27cm base x 7.5cm deep$15.00 
 Fluted trays - Small Oval33 x 23 cm base x 3.5cm deep$15.00 
 Fluted trays - Large oval30 x 40 cm base x 3.5cm deep$15.00 
 Fluted trays - Round33 cm diam. x 3.5cm deep$17.00 
 Oval trays - With Handle45 x 30cm base by 3cm deep$30.00 
 Oval trays - Without handle45 x 30cm base by 3cm deep$25.00 
 Oval & Round platters  
 Oval & Round platters - Large Oval60 x 40cm$25.00 
 Oval & Round platters - Medium oval48.5 x 25.5cm$14.50 
 Flower Press - Small20cm2$12.00 
 Flower Press - Large30cm2$15.00 
 Albums - Photograph$17.50 
 Albums - Hinged A4A4$10.00 
 Magazine tidy - With heart-cutout$35.00 
 Magazine tidy - without heart-cutout$35.00 
 Letter Rack or Bill Holders - Single$10.00 
 Letter Rack or Bill Holders - Double$13.70 
 Letter Rack or Bill Holders - Triple$17.50 
 Magazine racks - Single$15.00 
All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

23 Dina Beth Ave,
2148. NSW


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