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PAINTED SHOPPING BAGPAINTED SHOPPING BAG [8, Mar 10]: I have recently been painting on shopping bags and this is one that I painted of a dog that was a member of our family for many many years. I have used Matisse Paints and also Matisse Texture Medium to give a 3d effect. I applied the Texture Medium and whilst it was still wet pulled a fine wire through it to give the effect of fur and then I painted it.
BOOK CATALOGUE [7, Mar 10]: Dont forget to look at our Book Catalogue - we have recently updated it with the new books that we have received this year. Also if you are interested in a book that we dont have please ask us about it as we may be able to get it for you from our wholesalers.
ORCHID CANVASORCHID CANVAS [7, Aug 09]: This painting is on a 12" x 12" canvas using Matisse Paints.
AUSTRALIAN BULLOCK TEAMAUSTRALIAN BULLOCK TEAM [9, Nov 08]: Gwen has painted this Bullock Team on a wooden saw cut by Bob from plywood. So as not to cover the lovely grain in the wood Gwen has completely sealed the item with Sealer before painting a wash where the sky and grass is and has left the road area unpainted. She has then painted the bullock team using Matisse Flow Paints, added the mountains and a few trees along with the shadows under the team and then varnished it with Matisse Final Coat Satin Varnish. She has also painted another saw with Clydesdale Horses and a Wagon (however this design was not an original design whereas this one is). We have the saws for sale and this painting has been sold. If you have a saw that you would like a design painted on just contact us and we will quote a price for the painting on your saw or on one of our saws.
TWENTY ZEBRA FINCHESTWENTY ZEBRA FINCHES [9, Nov 08]: This painting is painted on a 20" x 24" Canvas with Matisse Flow Paints. The painting has been sold.

Gwen Crichton

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