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Paper TolePaper Tole [8, Oct 02]: I have added a new Paper Tole section to the Folk Art Gallery. Only two images so far but you can expect to see more from me and my students soon. The pine frames and Paper Tole print sets are available from our studio.
Decoupage Wastepaper BinDecoupage Wastepaper Bin [7, Oct 02]: Four sides of a wastepaper bin which we have decoupaged after we sponged the background with cream, pink and light violet paint. We carry the wooden wastepaper bin in stock.
A new coat of paint. [6, Oct 02]: As you can see there are big changes afoot on the Crichtons website. As well as a complete redesign we have some new sections and even more good things on the way. Behind the scenes Amanda has made it easy for me to put new content on the site so you can expect to see the site updated a lot more regularly. We now have a mailing list for you to join if you would like to be emailed whenever the site is updated.

In the Freebies section you will find Articles and Patterns For our first pattern I have supplied instructions for the Aquilegia Hair Dryer Holder. If you have any questions relating to Folk Art, Decorative Painting or our studio please feel free to email me. Any topics which I think might be of general interest will be posted in the ask Gwen section.

Its always nice to see who has dropped by, what you think of the site and where all our wonderful Folk Artists are from so please take a moment to sign our Guestbook.

The Catalogue section isn't complete yet but I was so excited by the new site design I didn't want to wait for the catalogue section before we put the new site up. Amanda will be working some more on this section next so it wont be long before you can see all our lovely Folk Art Patterns, kits and shapes again.

Lisa\'s PlatterLisa's Platter [5, Oct 02]: One of our longtime students Lisa Dent has done a beautiful job painting this platter. Orginally planned as a colourfull design, Lisa found when she had sketched out the design she liked it so much in white she decided to paint the platter in white.
Hair Dryer HolderHair Dryer Holder [11, Sep 02]: We are making a new shape; its a Hair Dryer Holder to hang on the wall. The flowers I have painted on this one are Aquilegia (sometimes known as Columbines).

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