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Folk Art > Paints > Matisse Mediums : MM20 Water-Based Patina Antiquing medium


MM20 Water-Based Patina Antiquing medium
Price: $13.25
Description: MM20 is a glazing medium designed to slow the drying time of the paint but keep the binding and waterfast capacity of the paint intact, no matter how little paint is used. MM20 Water-Based Patina will allow time for the free movement of the paint and contains extra binder so that only small amounts of paint can be used (as little as 5% paint) in a glaze form whilst still remaining waterfast once dry.

A great way to antique without the hassle of oil-based mediums. The MM20 Water-Based Patina works in exactly the same way as the MM17 Oil-Based Patina except you use a Matisse water-based colour (e.g. burnt umber) instead of oil-based paints. MM20 Water-Based Patina only takes 4 to 6 hours to dry.

Directions for using Matisse Water-Based Patina:
  1. Clean project of all dust, grease and oil.
  2. Moisten your product all over with a cotton cloth soaked in MM20 Water-Based Patina to prevent the surface from absorbing too much colour.
  3. Dab Matisse Flow burnt umber or raw umber on the moistened cloth and spread over your project beginning at the outside edge and moving into the centre.
  4. Wipe back excess colour to desired effect with a clean cloth.
  5. If you have made your item too dark, apply MM20 Water-Based Patina to a clean cloth and wipe over to remove colour.
  6. Allow antiquing to dry at least 24 hours, depending on the weather and how heavily the project was antiqued.
(ed) I find it best to apply a coat of MM18 Pre-Antiquing Medium before antiquing to create a layer between the paint and antiquing so as not to move any of the under-painting.

Technical information courtesy Matisse Derivan.
All prices are in Australian dollars.

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