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Folk Art > Paints > Matisse Mediums : MM34 BRUSH & HAND CLEANER


Opacity: Transparent
Price: $12.95
Description: Matisse MM34 Hand and Cleaner completely cleans acrylic paint, oil paint and inks off brushes and hands. Directions - Wipe excess paint off brush, rise brush with warm water. Work Brush and Hand Cleaner into a lather on brush and hands, rinse and repeat until water run s clear. Reform the tip with your fingers to reshape brushes and dry flat to prevent excess moisture gathering at the base of the brushes. If dried paint has made a brush unusable, don't throw it away use MM35 Matisse Brush Restorer to bring your brush back to life.

Technical information courtesy Matisse Derivan.
All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

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2148. NSW


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