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 Brush Care
Having invested in your brushes its very important that you take good care of them. If you follow these rules your
brushes will last well & enhance rather than frustrate your painting endeavors.
  • Let the paint get under the ferrule during loading or painting. Its very difficult to completely clean out paints once they are in the
    ferrule and a build up of paint will destroy the brush's shape.

  • Let the paint dry in the hairs.

  • Let the brush stand in water or other liquid for any length of time. Three seconds is sufficient to bend the tip of your brush.

  • Clean your brushes thoroughly after each painting session by
    1. Wiping the hairs on soft paper towel or rag to remove excess paint

    2. Rinsing the brush in water or where appropriate to the paint used - solvent

    3. stroking the hairs back and forth on a bar of soap (or through a liquid soap), until all trace of paint is gone.

  • Avoid using harsh deodorant types of soap. There are brush cleaning kits on the market for acrylic paints and these are well worth the investment - they
    contain cleaner, conditioner and sizing. There are also cleaners for oil paints but as we are using acrylics I will not go into these.

  • Reshape hairs by lightly stroking on a bar of mild soap or through commercial sizing.

  • Protect the hairs from bending by storing the brushes upright with the hairs pointing upward.

  • Transport your brushes in a commercial carrying case, or in such a way that the hairs are protected from damage or bending.

  • Keep old damaged or worn-out brushes for scruffy painting.

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