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 Round BrushRound Brush
These are the most popular folk art brushes being used for comma and S strokes as well as detail, highlighting, thick and thin strokes.

This brush comes in sizes from 20/0 (really fine) to 14 (quite large). The most commonly used sizes are either a No.3 or a No.4. When you are ready to expand your range a No.1 would be my first choice and then a No.6. These brushes must have a good point to make the tail on a comma stroke or the beginning and the end of an S stroke.
When the point wears of do not throw the brush away you can still use it where a point is not needed - for painting round objects, blending etc.
 Liner BrushLiner Brush
These brushes come in long liners and short liners - short liners are easier to manage but do not hold as much paint as the long liner.

Some people refer to the long liner as a script liner. Use these brushes for nice controlled curves, outlining strokes and for continuous lines. They are available in sizes from a
No. 20/0 to a 12 in a long liner and from 20/0 to a 4 in a short liner. I generally find a No. 5/0 to be my preference.
 Flat or Shader BrushFlat or Shader Brush
these brushes are most often referred to as a "flat brush" and they come with two hair lengths - long or short. These are used for short precise strokes for tinting and thatching.

Great for blending and deliberate heavy short stroking.
These brushes are used for C strokes, side loading, floating of colour, wash blending and most commonly to paint "flat brush leaves". They come in sizes from 1/16" to 1" ( the 1' being used a lot for basecoating and varnishing. One firm has recently released a 1 " long Shader this is excellent for all varnishing
 Angle Shader BrushAngle Shader Brush
This is a flat brush with the hairs cut at an angle which makes S and C strokes easy and is great for leaves and petals. This brush is very helpful when painting rose petals and side load shading.

The brush comes in sizes from 1/16" to ". Dagger - This brush is used to paint ribbon, long leaves and grass and is good for cross-hatching. Comes in 4 sizes 1/8", ", 3/8", ". Most popular size is ".

All prices are in Australian dollars.

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