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 Smudge BrushSmudge Brush
Relatively new on the market these Smudge (also called Smooshing brushes) are marvellous for shading and highlighting. They are made from Badger hair and are round, quite stiff and as you can see they come to a sharp point.

 Deersfoot BrushDeersfoot Brush
This brush is generally made from a badger mix hair or another stiff fiber. The hairs are cut at an angle.

The Deersfoot brush is generally used for stippling effects, painting bears, wattle and tree tops. The Deersfoot brush comes in sizes 1/16" to ".
 Filbert BrushFilbert Brush
This brush is excellent for shading, painting flower petals, leaves, feathers etc, and is probably not uses as much as it should be.

The next time you want to paint daisy flowers use this brush and when you are shading load you brush on one side with the shading colour and see how much easier shading is to do if
your brush is not pointed on the sides. This brush is very much like a flattened round brush. The Filbert comes in sizes 1/8" to ". The brush is available in a painted or a rounded version. I use the rounded version.
 Rake or Comb BrushRake or Comb Brush
This brush is used to create texture, use it to paint hair, fur, grass, timber grains. This is a brush with a difference and very useful to have.

Paint a hair using the Deersfoot brush and then add a few extra hairs with this brush and you'll be amazed at the difference.
 Filbert Rake Brush
This brush is a combination of the above two brushes - it is a rake brush that has been rounded on the corners. Lovely for birds feathers and softening brush techniques. The filbert Rake is available in two sizes a " and a ".
 Fan BrushFan Brush
This brush is used to paint trees, cross hatch shading, grass, flower centers, bristles, banksia and gum blossoms. Made from Taklon (synthetic fiber) in a size 6 or Hog hair in sizes 6, 12, & 12/12.

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

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2148. NSW

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