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 Flat Bristle BrushFlat Bristle Brush
This brush is mainly used in painting landscapes, the bristles are from hog and are quite stiff. The Flat Bristle comes in sizes 1 to 12.
 Mop BrushMop Brush
Mop - Made from goat hair this brush is generally used to softly blend colours that are near each other whilst the paint is still wet.
 Foam BrushFoam Brush
These are a very simple concept. It is a beveled edge, soft and smooth foam, held inside by a geometric hardened plastic to give and keep the rigid shape of the brush. A clever tool for basecoating at a fraction of the price of a brush
this size. It is available in 4 sizes 1", 2", 3" and 4".

Foam Rollers are also available and these last longer than the brush as the hardened plastic insert in the brushes wears the brushes out.Foam rollers are only available in 50mm sizes and are only really suitable for flat surfaces.

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

23 Dina Beth Ave,
2148. NSW

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