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Folk Art > Freebies > Free_Patterns > Aquilegia Hair Dryer Holder
Prepare the blank
Lightly sand routed edges of hair dryer if necessary
Apply 1 coat White Gesso
Sand lightly
Apply 2 coats Whisper Blue Basecoat

Protect center with Frisket
Using Black Graphite draw in scalloped circle
Cut Frisket slightly larger than the circle and stick in place
Using craft knife cut Frisket paper where scalloped circle is drawn and then remove the outer piece of paper leaving the centre in.

Crushed paper Faux Finish background
With 3/8 flat brush and silver paint paint in random paint strokes the width of the brush and about 12cm (1/2) long.
Dry well and if you have used a hairdryer make sure that it is cold before painting on the next step.

Mix Midnight Blue Basecoat with retarder and paint over the blue and silver section and whilst still wet press crumpled newspaper over to partly remove the paint. Once the paper has been pressed to the paint make sure that you turn to a fresh piece of paper and change the paper regularly as it was not lift off well once the paper is wet.

When you have lifted off enough of the Midnight Blue colour dry and leave until the next day to trace on the design otherwise when the graphite is placed over the paint you may find that marks are left as the retarder in the basecoat will cause the graphite to stick to it and also the graphite does not trace of as well if the basecoat is at all damp.

When dry remove the Frisket paper and apply a thin coat of sealer or water based varnish to protect you basecoat.
Now reposition you design and using the yellow graphite trace on the design.

Leaves and Stems
Using Green Oxide and round brush base in leaves. Then shade with Hookers Green and highlight with Titanium White. The stems are painted with Green Oxide.

Pink and White Aquilegia
The pink flowers are firstly based with Titanium White and then the back petals are painted with the round brush and using Magenta lightened slightly with White, the petals are then shaded with Magenta and a little Burgundy and highlighted with White. The white petals have been shaded with a Magenta and White mix. The bottom flower has small triangles of Permanent Light Violet in the centre.

Pink and Yellow Aquilegia
This flower is painted the same way as the Pink and White flowers except Yellow Mid is used instead of the white in the centre.

Yellow Aquilegia
The back petals are Skin Tone Mid with a little Yellow Mid shaded with Skin Tone Mid and highlighted with White. The front petals are Yellow Mid highlighted with White and the front on flower has Akin Tone Mid in the centre.

Purple Aquilegia
The back petals are Diox Purple with White highlights and the front petals are Permanent Lt. Violet.

Flower Centres
Light dab in a mix of Green Oxide and Yellow Mid - dry thoroughly and then with a stylus or the point of the liner brush lightly dot in Yellow Mid and White dots. The two side on flowers have fine green stamens painted in the centres.

I have painted two pink buds and one purple but I would leave these until last and then paint in what colour you feel the buds would look best in I had no more Skin Tone Mid out so rather than get out more did two pink.

Finishing Touches
The commas around the scalloped centre are painted with the Iridescent Medium and the liner brush. Make sure that you have a lot of paint on the liner. I load the brush and then put the point of the brush back into the paint to get a blob on the end of my brush.
Leave to dry and then varnish with 2 or 3 coats of Matt Final Varnish.

Gwen Crichton
September 2002
All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

23 Dina Beth Ave,
2148. NSW

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