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Place pattern under acetate and draw in outline of butterfly using the Glitz a Matazz. Dry.

Turn over the acetate and fill in the design on the back of the acetate using metallic paints or ordinary paints mixed with the iridescent medium. Use different colours in some of the sections to create a pattern. Dry

Using the metallic paint or the iridescent mixed with the paint completely cover the back of the wings. Dry.

Cut out the butterfly using the curved scissors. If you want to you can make the corners a little more pointed than the outline, it is possible to cut to the desired shape through the dried glitz paint. You can add a little more glitz if you need too.

Bend the wings along the side of the body. If you want to curve the wings down, place a curved item under the wings and heat them with a hairdryer the plastic will curve down. Do each wing separately.

Cut the wire to twice the finished length from the tail to the tip of the antenae. Thread one of the smallest beads onto the wire and then bend the wire so that the ends meet and then thread another of the smallest beads onto the wire through both pieces of wire.

Continue until you have enough beads for the tail, then change to the next size and make the body. When this is long enough add the largest bead for the head.

Split the wires and add a very small bead to each for the eyes. At the end of each wire put on one of the small beads and twist the wire to hold in place.

My beads were all white except for the head and that was a natural wood colour. Once I had strung the beads on the wire I painted some Paint a Matazz or ordinary paint onto the beads and dried it.

Glue the body onto the butterfly and attach a magnet onto the back of the butterfly with glue or double sided tape.

Some final touches of glitz can be added to the front, if you want.

Gwen Crichton 2002

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Gwen Crichton

23 Dina Beth Ave,
2148. NSW

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