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 Instructions for Double winged Butterflies.

Place the Butterfly pattern under the Acetate and using outliner (I prefer black) draw in the design. Leave it dry for at least 2-3 hours to dry - overnight is best.

Use a scruffy old brush to partly fill in the wings with Turquoise. Let the paint partly dry.

Use Purple Vitrail to fill in the remainder of the wings, overlapping the two colours somewhat. Dry overnight and then cut out.

With Paint a Mataz pull out glitter from the centre towards the edges of the wings.

Join the two sets of wings together with double sided tape.

If you are going to attache it to the window put double sided tape on the bottom layer to attach it to the window. Or if you want to use the butterfly as a magnet stick a magnet on with glue gun.

For these butterflies we have added bead bodies made in the same way as for the Matisse butterflies. Vitrail Butterflies

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

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2148. NSW

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