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 Easel Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan Top

Under the lid
Lazy Susan : Under the lid
Easel Lazy Susan Paint Box

Designed so that you can paint on the Lazy Susan, it has a non skid mat attached to the Lazy Susan so that your piece does not move .

There are wing nuts on the sides to allow you to tilt the top like an easel so that your painting is at an angle. The non skid mat stops it from moving.

You can also turn the whole thing over and use the bottom of the box when you are doing something square or oblong and it will still turn.

All these great features are a real boon to Decorative painting. One of the many reasons its so nice to have Bob as our very own master woodworker to create and fine tune all these wonderful shapes for us.


Lazy Susan : Inside
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Gwen Crichton

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