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 Boxes 2
Frame Lid Boxes
Folk Art Shape: Frame Lid box
small 8cm2 base x 5cm deep $12.75
medium 10cm2 basex 6cm deep $13.25
large 12cm2 basex 6cm deep $13.80
Decoupage Boxes
Folk Art Shape: Decoupage box
small or Card Box 11 x 7.5cm base x 7 cm deep $20.00
medium 25 x 16cm base x 8 cm deep $25.00
large 40 x 30cm base x 11cm deep $30.00
Shoe Shine Box
Folk Art Shape: Shoe shine box
40cm x 18.5cm x 25cm $35.00
Tissue Boxes
Folk Art Shape: Tissue box
from back to front
tissue / cotton wool box $18.00
large $12.00
small (not shown) $10.00
boutique $10.00
scotties $10.00
All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

23 Dina Beth Ave,
2148. NSW

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