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Folk Art Shape: Jewelry Box
from top to bottom
Jewel Box - Curve Sided with Round feet 32 x 22cm base x 8 cm deep $37.00
Cutlery Box 43 x 30cm base x 12 cm deep $45.00
Suitcase 43 x 32.5cm base x 9 cm deep $35.00
Folk Art Shape: Country Barn Box
Country Barn Box::Has a hinged lid. As seen in "Maple Sugar" by Roberta Hall.
21 x 19cm base x 20cm high $28.75
Folk Art Shape: Hidden Key Box
Hidden Key Box::Has a hinged lid. When closed looks like a framed picture.
31 x 24cm front x 5cm deep $28.75
Folk Art Shape: Chocolate Boxes
Chocolate Boxes
Regular 41 x 16cm base x 3cm deep $22.00
Deep 41 x 16cm base x 4.5cm deep $28.00
Folk Art Shape: Book Box
Video Cover: (front) $9.40
Book Box: 28 x 22cm front x 4cm deep $25.00
All prices are in Australian dollars.

Gwen Crichton

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2148. NSW

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